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If unfortunately your passport is lost abroad, then you should know what to do.

First step
As soon as you feel that the passport has been lost, go and inform about its loss in person immediately to the nearby police station, so that there is no fraud about your identity. After this, inform the embassy of your country about this so that your passport can be canceled. But remember that even after losing your passport, your original passport will still be deemed canceled.

How to return to your country?
A temporary or permanent passport is provided to you keeping in mind how much time is left in your return flight. If your return flight is immediate, the embassy will provide you an emergency certificate, which will be a temporary arrangement.

How to know about Embassy or Passport Office abroad
Keep a list of emergency addresses and phone numbers with you, including the address and numbers of the police station near your hotel and the embassy and passport service center of your country.  You can locate the one nearest to you on

On return, what documents will be required to get the passport rebuilt?
Submit proof of current residence, proof of date of birth, affidavit of loss of passport and copy of police report on loss of passport as well as other documents at your nearest Passport embassy or consulate. If available, carry self-signed photocopy of first and last two pages of old passport, including ECR / Non-ECR pages.

Keep your documents safe while traveling
There are some simple precautions to avoid or limit the consequences of loss or theft of passports abroad.
  • Remember photocopying and scan all important documents before departure: ID card, passport, certificate of insurance ...
  • Send scanned copies of these documents to your email address so that you can easily print them if needed.
  • Keep a copy of the documents with you.
  • Do not carry original documents with you. For example leave them in your hotel room. Take them with you only if necessary.

Measures to avoid such incident in future
Prepare two photocopies of your passport before leaving the house and keep both of them in different places. Although in the event of loss of passport, it is not required by law to provide a photocopy of the passport, But you must provide the details of the old passport, such as the date of issue of passport, the date of expiry of the passport and from where the passport was issued, etc. Therefore, it would be wise to copy photos. Take two-three photos, an ID document and a birth certificate document. Always travel by getting travel insurance, so that the expenses due to such an accident can be recovered.

Are there any tips you can offer other unfortunate travelers who lose their passports? Leave a comment below!

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