The Netherlands is a magnificent country in the continent of Europe where people from all over the world come to visit. From here, pictures of good memories are captured in their eyes. Every city in the Netherlands is famous from tourism point of view. Whenever you came to visit the Netherlands, you came out for a few days. So that you can visit all the tourist places here and feel happyThrough this article, we want to give you information about some of the major sights of the Netherlands, which is very helpful in planning a trip to the Netherlands.

10. Thorn
Thorn Netherlands
   Thorn is the most beautiful and attractive tourist destination in the Netherlands for photography enthusiasts. The lush streets of this city, located close to the Belgian border, are called the streets of love. There are famous buildings of white bricks here. Thorn has a 10th century church which is very famous. Thorn is such a place where tourists fall in love with its beauty.

9. Breda
Breda Netherlands
   The city of Breda, one of the famous sites of the Netherlands, is a historical center for the preservation of architecture. Breda also has a number of guestports and store houses built for tourists. It is a very exciting medieval city.

8. Maastricht 
Maastricht Netherlands
   Maastricht in the Netherlands is a historic city that is one of the places to visit for tourists. The city is known for its architecture. The modern atmosphere here is very luxurious.

7. Edam
Edam Netherlands
   Adam is the city in the Netherlands where Adam Chees is made and sent around the world. Also cheese is made in Adam and that is why it is a tourist destination in the Netherlands. The city attracts tourists from the hot climate.

6. Delft
Delft Netherlands
   Delft is a very attractive city in the Netherlands, where the Nieuwe Kerk and the Oude Kerk Church are very famous. Beautiful canals and open markets make this city attractive in this magnificent city. The works of Dutch famous Golden painter will be seen in this city. In this hot city you can stop and travel for a few days. It is also known for shopping.

5. Eindhoven
Eindhoven Netherlands
   Eindhoven is one of the major cultural places in the Netherlands, which is popularly known as Football Master PSV. Eindhoven. The city of Eindhoven is considered the home of PSV. Eindhoven Mendy Blab and Ab Museum is a very famous museum. The bar and club in Eindhoven is very luxurious, tourists can enjoy the night life here. Eindhoven is one of the hottest cities in the Netherlands. Which has progressed at a very fast pace.

4.  Utrecht
Utrecht Netherlands
   The city known for the university called Utrecht is the famous city of Utrecht Netherlands. The city of Utrecht is a very religious city, its art and culture is very famous here. You can spend a great time in the city of Utrecht where you have cheap hotels available in which tourists can stay and taste the famous food here. Utrecht is a great destination for art and architecture lovers visiting the Netherlands.

3. Hague
Hague Netherlands
   The Hague city is the headquarters of the International Court of the Netherlands, a city known for its courts. In no time, the Hague has become a very fast tourist destination. The Hague has very large routes where tourists can travel peacefully. The Hague city is also the center of architecture which attracts a lot of tourists interested in architecture.

2. Rotterdam
Rotterdam Netherlands
   Rotterdam is the largest port in Europe and the second largest city in the Netherlands. Rotterdam was not well developed at the time of the Second World War and looked like ruins. But in today's time this city has become very much developed. The Dutch famous football club is based in Rotterdam. Erasmus Bridge, Monument Markthal, is a major attraction point in the city of Rotterdam. Along with a lot of sightseeing in Rotterdam, tourists can also enjoy the night life here. Rotterdam tops the rapidly growing cities. Known for its architecture, the city houses many historical buildings and its market is also very famous.

1. Amsterdam
Amsterdam Netherlands
   Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands, is one of the most attractive cities in the Netherlands which is famous for picnics. This city will make the holiday of tourists very memorable and interesting. Night Life World of Amsterdam is famous. Cruise into Amsterdam's magnificent canals has become everyone's favorite hobby. Amsterdam has many ancient and famous museums which have become favorite attraction for tourists.

Where to Stay :
If you want to stay here after visiting the Netherlands and attractive tourist spots here. So let us tell you that in the Netherlands you have a system of hotels from low-budget to high-budget. You can choose the hotel as per your convenience.
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