Netherlands Country Profile
   The Netherlands is a very attractive country in the continent of Europe, which is located in the northeast of Europe. The Netherlands also has another name Holland. The view of the Netherlands is very beautiful, the beauty of which is a beautiful flower blooming here. The largest pork trade in Europe is in the Netherlands. The Netherlands, called the land of tulips, falls in the category of the most developed countries in the world. The Netherlands is a great country for tourism.
   Enjoying the rain here and looking at the snow is the eyes to remember forever. Many beautiful gardens will be found here for tourists, in which this country is valued by the flowers blooming. If you want to know more about the Netherlands, then read this article of ours.

   The history of the Netherlands is believed to be from 1555 to 1997 which is very extensive. The Netherlands was not formed when Spain was ruled by the Dutch. The Netherlands was formed in 1588 by the Republic of the Seven United. After this, the Netherlands started doing business with Spain and made itself a very prosperous country. In the 17th century, there were three wars between the Netherlands and England, with no result, when the ruler of the Netherlands, William of Orange, married the Princess of England and entered into a treaty with England. After this France attacked the Netherlands but the Netherlands won. This was followed by wars in the Netherlands several times and eventually in 1957 the Netherlands became a founding member of the European Union.

Interesting Facts 
  • The people of the Netherlands are higher than the people of the rest of the world.
  • In the Netherlands, marriage of people of the same sex is legally adopted. It is the first country in the world to do so.
  • It is not necessary for any soldier of the Netherlands to salute a soldier of a higher position than himself.
  • Philips is the first company in the world to produce audio, video and CD tapes.
  • The Netherlands is the only country where bicycles are driven more than other countries of the world.
  • The Netherlands capital Amsterdam is considered a stock exchange.
  • A large part of the Netherlands lies below 1 m above sea level.
  • The Netherlands has more agriculture than other countries in Europe.
  • 8 prisons in the Netherlands had to be closed due to lack of criminals.
   The capital of the Netherlands is Amsterdam which is located in the western part of the Netherlands and the western part of the Netherlands is called Holland.

netherlands flag

Currency and Language 
   The currency of the Netherlands is the euro. Dutch is the main language of the Netherlands and people living in the Netherlands are also called Dutch.

   It seems strange to hear about the culture of the Netherlands, but it is a common thing for the people here. People in the Netherlands like to keep sex openly. There are many sex shops and museums in the Netherlands which highlight the culture here. The Netherlands very well accepts the relationship between persons of the same sex in the Netherlands.

   Many festivals are celebrated in the Netherlands. Everyone wants to participate in these major festivals of the Netherlands. For this, booking in advance is very important.
  • The world's largest Nicholas parade is held in Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands, which is held in November-December.   
  • Flag Day is observed in the Netherlands to celebrate Independence Day in June.  
  • King Willem Festival is celebrated in the month of April in honor of Alexander.     
  • There is a flower parade in April-May that looks fantastic
   Night life of the Netherlands attracts everyone. There are many bars and clubs in the Netherlands which can give you the pleasure of night life here. Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands, is also a renowned area for nightlife. Along with this, places like Deer Geese Star, Garroth Griet, de Tabriz, Jazz Bar de Spieghels and De Pintellier are very popular for nightlife in the Netherlands. Tourists can spend a wonderful evening here and enjoy the party.

   The people of the Netherlands are generally non-vegetarian as many fish are found in the surrounding sea. Which are traded in the Netherlands. People in the Netherlands like to eat paneer, vegetable and bread for lunch, and potatoes with meat are very much for dinner. Along with this, some famous dishes in the Netherlands are as follows - raw herring, Moslepen, pea soup, Dutch pancakes etc.

Best Time to Visit 
   If you have planned a trip to the Netherlands, then let us tell you that spring and autumn are the best seasons. When a mild cold and mild heat is experienced here. In the summer time there is a lot of tourists in the Netherlands and in such a situation you will not be able to see this beautiful place well. You can participate in various events in the Netherlands and for this you need to book in advance. Therefore, in the middle of winter and summer starts, you should travel to Netherlands and enjoy the beautiful litigants here.

Safety Tips 
  • The Netherlands is usually a really safe country to travel. Its crime rate is low, and pickpockets may be your biggest concern in this country. Use common sense and apply basic precaution and minimize the chances of something going wrong.
  • Transport in the Netherlands is generally safe and reliable, but it is advised to exercise caution in public transport, as pickpockets are operated.
  • Most big cities are at risk of pickpockets, but if you take precaution, this should not be a big problem, such as keeping your valuables in a safe place, not moving all your money to the same place, and not your Moving anything valuable to an easily accessible part of an outfit.
  • There are not any significant threats of natural disasters within the Netherlands, but excessive flooding is probably going within the Netherlands, which is why the Dutch invest heavily in infrastructure to stop similar basic disasters from occurring again.
  • Mugging or kidnapping is not common in the Netherlands, but it is still recommended to avoid poorly lit and deserted areas, and do not accept strange people's drinks, although drink spiking is also not common.
  • Even though the Netherlands has not had any terrorist attacks in recent history, these types of attacks should not be ruled out, especially its neighboring countries France and Belgium, so all the time its surroundings Be aware of
  • As in any other tourist destination, there is a risk of getting scammed. Always double check your changes, negotiate the price of each service beforehand, and inquire about the actual prices of services and other items.
  • It is very easy for women to travel alone in the Netherlands. The country is very safe and friendly. Just avoid the poorly lit and deserted areas and walk alone at night, with some more basic precautionary rules and your journey should go smoothly.
Netherlands Map 

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