Yoga in times of coronavirus
   The country is gradually unlocking after the use of lockdown. Although people have started to move out of their homes, the cases of corona are increasing day by day. Lockdown has taught all of us that there is a great fear of coming in contact with the disease, fear of dying of hungry stomach. People are returning to their work. This does not mean that they are no longer afraid of Corona. Or now the corona is no longer fatal. The corona is still as dangerous. This is the reason that the people who have to move out, themselves and their families live in considerable stress. As of now, Corona's vaccine has not been developed. One thing is clear, for now we have to live with it. It is a new norm to get out with various security measures. Which is long lasting if the experts agree. If we want to avoid Corona in the true sense, then we have to pay attention to our external security as well as mindful security. This is the safety of mind, freedom from stress. And this work will be done through yoga. Let us know, some reasons of increasing stress in the Corona period and how stress can be defeated by yoga.

Tension has increased in the last few months
   Covid-19 has increased anxiety and stress among people. Even though we are moving towards being unlocked, there is still a situation of uncertainty about things. If increasing stress is not controlled, then soon depression or depression in the world will increase significantly. 
   While world was entangled with the problem of increasing cases of stress and depression, the isolation, social distancing, made mandatory by Corona, has increased it further. People who come into contact with corona go into deep depression. The idea of ​​being completely cut off from people is scary. The news about the quarantine centers also scares them. Apart from this, many businesses have slowed down. The jobs of many people have been lost, People's salary has been reduced. Most people working at the daily wage have become unemployed. People who are also working, they are working from homes. Because of not getting out, meeting others is not possible. Slowly, Stress has spread his foot in large sections of society. People are worried about the loneliness of the present as well as the uncertainty of the future. That is, every human being is a time bomb mentally, which can be broken or broken emotionally at any time.

How can this stress be reduced?
   The situation of loneliness and economic uncertainty will be reduced overnight, it is not. This in itself is a strange and unique situation. To deal with this, you have to be mentally strong and this leads to yoga. With increasing self-isolation and social distancing, it is evident that people will feel more alone and anxious than before. In such a situation, stress-reducing techniques like yoga and meditation become quite important. Including them in the daily routine can be stress-free to a great extent.

On the role of yoga in reducing stress, what does research say?
   Experts from around the world have found in many researches that regular yoga increases the ability to tolerate pain. It has been found by doing functional MRI studies on those doing yoga. The brain reduces response to pain. When a person has less pain then he also feels less tension. 
   According to a report published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine in May 2020, 19 different studies on 1,080 participants from six countries (US, India, Japan, China, Germany and Sweden) revealed that regular yoga That is, by making yoga a part of your lifestyle, you have seen significant improvement in mental health.
   Not only this, a study by Boston University published in the Journal of Psychiatric Practice has also reached the conclusion that in cases of clinical depression, simultaneous addition of medicines gives quick and positive results.
 Ustrasana, Sethu Bandhasana, Bhujangasana, Ardha Matsyendrasana, Balasana and Pranayama are very effective yoga remedies for removing stress and anxiety.
   Other physical problems also arise due to stress, such as back pain or neck pain, insomnia, headache, sometimes inconcentration, etc. When you do yoga, you not only get rid of stress, but also develop a positive attitude towards life. And filled with positivity. Along with preventive measures, positiveness is also needed to defeat Corona. So don't worry, do yoga.

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