mudy kids
   You can be born in any time, but there are some things that are related to everyone's childhood. And being dirty and chaotic is at the top of this list. It enhances the immunity of children and also plays an important role in their overall development. Here we are telling about some similar activities.

Playing in the dirt
   Remember those days when you were a child and you enjoyed your life by wrapping earthworms on a thin branch of a tree. Used to jump in the dirty rain water? Let your children experience these bliss and take them to the park to play in the soil, dirty their clothes in it. We promise that they will be very happy to return.

Allow pets to hug 
   Let children cuddle with animals. Give them full opportunity to cherish and find their love. This will not only teach them to love animals, but it will also provide peace. Just keep in mind that before the baby is born, take your pet regularly for checkups and vaccinations.

No chance of bathing 
   I do not remember if anyone has had any major illness due to not bathing on any one day. In this environment enamored with cleanliness, you want your child to bathe daily and wear nice smelling clothes. But if they do not take a bath for a day and remain a little dirty, then it will not cause any trouble. This helps to increase their immunity.

Let us taste strange things
   From licking the leather couch, chewing toys and touching everything as far as their hands reach, children must have a chance. Let children experience the world around them with their senses - give them the opportunity to smell, taste and touch everything possible. If you do not want your child to do all this, then remember your childhood or ask your parents about your childhood.

Opportunity to make a mess
 If your child decides to paint his favorite t-shirt without brush or color, then let them try it. If they choose toilet paper or flooring as their canvas, do not stop them from doing so. Cleanliness of the house can be stopped for a while, but it is not right to stop the wishes and imagination of children.

Focusing on an Interest
It runs along the last two sections. A few years ago there was a popular commercial in which a girl's parents and teachers continued to forbid her from learning about science, electrical equipment, and other so-called "manly" things. How can children ever break the mold and develop into adults that will change the world if they are constantly being asked to fit in? Just because a child is into something that you don't think they shouldn't be in, it means that you should stop pursuing their passion.

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