Why is it important to say sorry to children
   We often say to the children for their mistakes, "Let's say sorry." We assume that by doing this the children know that they are not to be misbehaved and sorry to say sorry for doing so and so forth. Lesson to be taken. But what to do when it is your turn to speak sorry? Is it important for children to say sorry? If yes, what should be the right way for it?  What will be the effect of the sorry you speak? Like we tried to find answers to some questions.

Why do parents hesitate to say sorry?

  Many parents feel that in case of mistake, apologizing to the children, that is, saying sorry to them will reduce their respect in front of the children. Children can make fun of them or they will not take their talks seriously. But psychology says that the opposite actually happens. By accepting your mistake and apologizing for it, you earn respect in the eyes of children. Children respect those elders who believe in their mistake, rather than those who believe that the elders can never go wrong. When you say sorry, the child will understand that accepting their mistake and working towards correcting it is a natural process. It is a matter of your fear that the child will not scare you or start taking you lightly, this is a completely irrelevant idea. Children are so intelligent that they know who is the 'boss' in the house. So make it clear, by speaking sorry, your position will not decrease, but will increase further.

What do children put up, meaning not to apologize?
You may not accept your mistake, but if you have made a mistake, the child knows. In such a situation, if you are not saying sorry for your mistake, you are giving this message to the child.

  • Sorry to say that you have done something bad.
  • Some children also understand that saying sorry means you are bad.
  • There is nothing wrong in ignoring small mistakes.
  • By saying sorry, we make unnecessary small things big.
  • When you apologize, you compromise with your status.
  • Unless someone tells you, there is no question of apologizing.

What are you teaching children by apologizing?

   By saying your sorry on your mistake, the child learns these things without explaining anything.
  1. Whether we are small or big, the mistake can happen to anyone. Instead of avoiding making mistakes, we should focus on acknowledging and correcting our mistake.
  2. We knowingly and unknowingly sometimes hurt people's feelings. In such a situation, it is very important to apologize to the person in front. This keeps the relationship good. The front feels good.
  3. We do not become small by apologizing, but in the eyes of the front we grow a little more.
  4. There should be no shame in accepting your mistake. Actually, we accept the mistake and lighten the burden of our chest.
  5. The first thing from this will be that mutual trust and love will grow between you two. You are setting yourself an ideal in front of them by speaking sorry. If not today, then he will be proud of this learning from you.
  6. He will become a favorite of people everywhere at home and outside. People will be convinced of his wisdom.
When and how to say sorry to children?
  • When you say sorry, do not ask just to complete the format. To say sorry is to say sorry about your work or work. This should be reflected in the way you say sorry. You should say sorry, taking responsibility for your mistake.
  • When speaking sorry to the child, tell him what you are sorry for. Which thing happened, because of which you were upset. Yes, avoid putting the blame of mistake on the child by saying sorry.
  • Explain about your wrong behavior and also explain what was wrong with your behavior. This will prevent children from making mistakes like that.
  • If the child is shocked or saddened by your behavior, then tell him that you understand his feeling. In this case, just saying sorry is not going to work.
  • Don't just say sorry to the child, but say that we will try that it will not happen again in future. If you were angry at some of the child's actions, then after trying to say sorry, he will also try and never repeat the mistake further.
  • Avoid saying mocking or repeating the same mistake immediately by saying sorry. By this, the child will consider sorry as just a ritual payment and for that it will become a means of igniting only things.

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