Drive on Hills
   Often people like to go for a walk at the end of the winter season or at the beginning of the monsoon to spend some time away from their everyday and runaway life amidst solitude and natural beauty. These mountains provide breathtaking views and clean air and we are drawn towards them. If you are also planning to drive with your friends on the mountain by car, then it is important to know some tips and precautions for driving on the mountains. Because driving on the mountains is more difficult and dangerous than a flat place, there is no scope for even the slightest fault. So let's know in this article what precautions you need to take while driving on the mountains.

Inspecting And Servicing Your Car
   Mechanic inspection of your car is a must before starting your journey through hilly areas. And check the important parts of the car like tires, battery, engine, light, integrator, horn and make sure the parts are working correctly. Driving through the mountains puts extra stress on your car parts, so it is mandatory to have your car inspected and serviced before starting the journey.

Enough Fuel
   If you are planning to go for a walk with your friends through mountainous roads, then before starting your journey make sure that your car has enough fuel. Driving on the roads leading to life consumes more fuel, hence the average of your car may decrease slightly. Petrol pumps are also often less in hilly areas, due to which fuel shortage can create a serious problem for you. Therefore, before traveling in the mountainous areas, be sure to get sufficient fuel in the car and information about the petrol pumps in your way.

Be Ready For Emergencies
   One of our most important tips is to be prepared for emergencies while walking in hilly areas. If you are going for a walk in the hilly areas, then make sure to inform your friends or family about your journey. So that they can find you in case of any emergency. And be sure to pack some important items like - first-aid kit, extra mobile battery, extra clothes, torch and food before going on your trip.

Brake And Gear
   It is important to have the right knowledge of applying brakes and changing gears while driving on hilly areas. Because a little bit of chuck in the hilly areas can prove to be fatal. As we know, the paths of mountainous areas are filled with steep slopes and dangerous turns. Therefore, while climbing or descending steep slopes, reduce brake usage and use smaller gears. And while driving in hilly areas, apply the brake comfortably and looking at the position of the vehicle coming back. Because if you have a vehicle behind you by applying a quick brake in the slopes, then there may be an accident.

Car Temperature
   In order to drive safely on the hills, it is very important to keep the temperature of the car regular. Our car is often loaded and moving at high speeds in mountainous terrain, which increases the chances of the car engine heating up quickly. That is why, while driving on hilly paths, keep checking the temperature meter regularly. And keep the air conditioner of the car closed, because the air conditioner puts excessive pressure on the engine.

Walk on your side
   As we know, the mountain roads are slightly shorter in width. And both the vehicles coming and going on these routes move. While the scenic views of the hills can discipline you to drive. And moving to the other side of the road may risk your car colliding with oncoming traffic. That is why it is very important to concentrate on your side while driving in hilly areas. Apart from this, by walking on your side, you can avoid crashing on dangerous turns of the route.

Driving On Snow Covered Mountain Roads
   If you are going for a walk through snow covered hills then we would recommend you to avoid driving on snow covered hills unless your vehicle is equipped with 4WD and snow-chain. While driving on snow capped hills the car speed should be really low and drive a regular distance from the vehicle ahead of you. And with this, you should avoid applying brakes at once. Because of a slippery route, your car may become uncontrolled if you brake at once.

   Overtaking on a mountain road can be a difficult thing when you are not able to see the vehicle coming from the front. And if you are climbing the slope then avoid overtaking at that time because the speed of cars coming from opposite direction is high. That is why give horn before overtake and make sure that no vehicle is coming from the front.

Road Signal And Horn
   If you are going to drive by car with your friends from mountainous paths, then following the road signal and using the horn is an important tip for your journey. Because mountain roads are full of unintentional diversions for us, that's why you see the symbols that represent these turns and follow them. Apart from this, keep on using the horns on the hill paths and especially on the turn, which alert the vehicle coming from the front.

Other Important Precautions While Driving In Hills
Apart from all these, there are many important precautions which are necessary for your journey while driving a car on the mountainous paths.
  • Use seat belt while driving the car.
  • Do not drink and drive a car.
  • Do not drive the car at high speed in mountainous paths, due to dangerous turns, the speed of 50 to 70 per hour is the safe speed to drive the car on the hill paths.
  • Do not lose unity while driving a car.
  • Use the horn and integrator while driving the car.
  • And travel as many people as possible in the car, because overloading in hilly areas can cause car hazards.
  • Avoid traveling at night in hilly areas. Specially when you travel solo.
  • Do not use music while driving on hilly paths, you will not hear the horn of other vehicles.
  • Park your car in first gear on the hills and use the hand brake.

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