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     According to the recent survey, the idea of ​​traveling Millennials alone has appealed more. 58 percent of Millennials say they wish to travel alone and 26 percent said they have traveled alone.
Benefits of traveling alone: ​​
     Traveling alone is an exposure in itself. You are alone, in which case you take all the decisions yourself. If your decision comes out right, your confidence increases. When you travel with someone, you often keep talking to him and also depend on him to some extent. When you travel alone, you also make more friends, because you communicate with more people. Meet people.
According to the figures, the number of people traveling alone has increased by 15 percent. The desire to travel alone can be seen in relation to the wider social change coming in relation to personal freedom and freedom. We have only one life to live. That too, which keeps us happy, is too small to do such activities. When you travel alone, the challenges are yours and you also win.
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Things to keep in mind before going on a trip alone:
1. Research- Needless to say that there are millions of blogs, travel agents, websites, books on the Internet, which give you information.
2. Set Priority - Before determining any place, some facts should be seen: safety, cost, catering, likes and dislikes, etc. Decide things according to your preference.
3. Packing- The bag should be lightweight so that you can handle it yourself. You do not need anyone's help in an unknown place, due to which the problem arises.
4. Deals- Keep checking all types of travel apps to get incredible deals.
5. Safety- Always carry contact details of security and emergency with you. Keep an ID with all the information. Download and keep the security application in the phone.
6. Travel companion - Keep a book or gadget with you, which will keep you busy. When you are looking for someone, it will keep you busy and will also save you from boredom.
7. Cleverness- To stay one step ahead of pickpockets, keep a dummy wallet with you.
And in the end we will say that you go on a trip with full positivity. Start the trip with good thoughts.
Three things that make travel alone safe
     Thousands of daughters are raised in the country even today by teaching that a single girl can make loaves for the whole house, can wash clothes for a week, can be accounted for a month and can be searched year after year. Ration of the whole… But a single girl cannot cross the threshold of home, cannot go out of the city, cannot roam alone abroad. Why?Because there is a danger of going outside the house. The danger is of being deceived and the danger is of being dishonored and killed. Of course it is our responsibility to protect our bubbles and it is not wrong to think that there is danger outside the house, even through the newspapers, TV and news channels from morning to evening.But tying it to your bubbles for fear of danger is not right. Because even though this world is not as white as it should have been, it is not yet thick enough to leave the dreamers of the light. That is why any ink should be written on your daughter's mind forever, why should the wishes of the aspirations go away, let her flap her wings and fly away on the journey of dreams. But yes, when she is traveling alone, do not forget to tie it in her handkerchief.

1. Leaving your truth at home, taking it with you
     Although our sacrament teach us to tell the truth, but performing this sacrament in the journey can be overwhelming at times. Because girls traveling alone are the reason why most of them fall prey to the wrong people. This thing may seem strange, but it actually happens. First, a person with wrong intentions asks the girls names and gradually harasses them by getting information about their house details, family details, office details, destination, hotel name, room number etc. That is why even if someone tries to get personal information, it is absolutely not necessary to tell everything truthfully like a parrot. Instead try to avoid it as much as possible. Or tell me clearly that I am not interested in sharing personal details, but not panic, with full confidence. Because the journey of panic is never memorable. A memorable journey is one which is done with full vigor by opening the windows of the eye and mind and living it. After all, every journey connects us with such paths, where there is more beauty and peace than risk.

2. Taking your fears home, taking discretion with you
     Tulsidas had said, 'Our interest, an unidentified animal ...' Then what is it that weighs on the conscience and the girls asking for the moon's address cannot even see the bus stop of the next city alone. According to Paolo Coello, author of the famous book The Alchemist, the reason for this is fear ... "Yes, it is fear that prevents dreams from coming true."But in this way, where is this fear? Is there no fear inside the walls of the house? Is there no fear in the neighborhood, no fear in the market, no fear in schools and offices? But because of fear, we cannot stop living. In his book First and Last Liberation, J. Krishnamurthy also says that 'reality is not as thought and understood as fear.It scares us, because we leave the conscience behind. And to leave the conscience together becomes inattentive. Therefore, let alone go on a journey to your daughter, not to fear, but to give a path to discretion.

3. Leaving your imagination at home, taking it with confidence
     A famous English writer once said that 'if your imagination is not right, your eyes can never see the truth'. For girls traveling alone, this statement is nothing less than a formula. Because in reality when there is unrestrained burden on our mind, then our fantasies also become incredibly frightening and then the truth also does not look like the truth.According to psychologists, the shocking news these days has filled us with such a feeling that every face that comes to us has become frightened, but if trust is established on ourselves and others, then the views can be changed. Therefore, it is better that whenever you go out on a journey alone, tell him to leave the panic-filled conjecture at home.Instead of childish, keep discretion ahead. Public transport is a more secure option, so use it as much as possible. Stay in touch with the people at home. Keep sharing your location. To save money, do not compromise on security and do not establish close communication with any person who has even a little power.


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