Travel with Pets
Important Tips to Travel with Pets
     Many times during trips, we also take our pets with us, but it is important that the journey does not become a punishment for them.  Let us know what should be kept in mind while carrying the pet during the journey.

While flying
1. If you want to take your pet with you in air travel, then in this regard, you have to give information regarding carrying the pet with you while reserving the seat.
2. As a rule, animals and birds are not allowed to be taken as free stuff.  They have to pay almost as much as the extra baggage to carry.
3. Direct flight to USA operated by Air India i.e. Indo-US-India route is not allowed, but if they are trained to help the visually impaired or deaf passenger and the passenger is completely dependent on them.  So they can be taken to the passenger room.  But for this also related medical certificates are necessary.
4. Pets will be allowed to travel only when the right transport facilities are provided and the carrier has the necessary and valid certif cate, rabies vaccination certificate, entree permit and necessary to carry the pet to another country.  There should be other documents.  If pets are not allowed in any country or territory, then the passenger will not be solely responsible for the flight.
5. On entering the flight, inform the captain and the air hostess.
6. Choose the flight keeping in mind the weather and prefer direct flight.
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While traveling by car
1. Before taking them on long journey, take them along a short distance, so that there is no fear of traveling within them.
2. Always keep their food items, utensils, water, medicines and first-aid boxes together.
3. Never allow pet food in the moving vehicle.  Eating food in a moving vehicle can make them travel-sick.
4. If you have placed the pets in a crate, make sure that they are getting proper air to breathe.
5. Stop the car in between and give them a chance to stay, so that they do not get hurt by the bounce of the paths.
6. Reserve the back seat of the car for your pet and make sure that the pet does not take its head out of the window.
7. Use seat belts for the pet to keep them under control.  Do not leave them alone in the car.

During train journey
1. Rail allows pets to be carried, but it is right to reserve seats to avoid any trouble.
2. Alternatively, dogs can be taken with luggage in the train's brake van.  However, the owner has to bear the responsibility of feeding them here.
3. Some trains allow dogs to be placed in the inbuilt coop of the guard-coach.  But the terms and conditions are applicable.
4. To carry the pet in the rail, the fee has to be paid according to the weight of the dog.
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 Other important precautions
• Make sure that all the vaccines are taken while carrying the pet on the journey.
• Keep pets health certificate together that they do not have any contagious disease.  All their checks have been done and the results (reports) are normal.
• Losing of pets during travel is a common problem.  So always keep a photo of your pet with you and write down the necessary information related to identification in the pet's collar.  For example, name, address, phone number.
• Make sure the pet's nails are cut.
• Do not feed them at least four to six hours while you are traveling.
• Use a temporary travel ID with your address and contact details.


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