Corona Virus
Governments around the world are appealing to their people to maintain restraint during the Corona epidemic and not to worry, but our 24-hour news channels show such scary news about this epidemic that we are all scared.  We children cannot leave, how can the children feel in this vicious circle of negative news, we cannot even imagine.  Talk about what is going on in the tender minds of young children, what is going on in the corona, what is the effect in their hearts and minds.  Let's see how to start a conversation in this subject.

 1.  First of all, gather information about this
 Do you have complete and accurate information about this virus?  If yes, start a conversation about this with children, otherwise update your information first.  You should distinguish between factual news and fake news from the news being spread about Corona.  So the first rule is that before talking to the children, gather all the information.  Since children trust their parents a lot, if you give them wrong information, then they will accept the same as right.  It is your responsibility to decide that there is no misconception related to corona in their mind.  So without homework, do not make the mistake of talking to them.

2.  Talk according to their age
 If your child is around five years of age, do not tell them heavy scientific names associated with this disease.  Just make them aware of the seriousness of the matter.  While doing this, keep in mind that the child does not become unnecessarily afraid.  If your child will be a little older and go to school, then he may have heard many things about Corona.  During the conversation with him, if you feel that he has any misconceptions and misinformation related to this disease, then try to remove it.  If the child is in teenage, then ask him to read scientific research done in this subject.

3.  Do not postpone the conversation
 Many times we do not tell such frightening things to our children for fear of negative impact.  Even if children ask something, they scold them and repay them.  If your child wants to talk about Corona, ask something or tell it, do not scold him or silence him.  If you hide things, it will be more suspicious that something is wrong.  If you do not tell, he will ask others.  What would you do if someone scared him more?  It would be better if you give correct information about this epidemic to the child.

 4.  Keep children away from information available online
 If your child is collecting information related to Corona online then you should keep an eye on those websites.  If you feel that he is getting wrong information, then explain it with love.  Actually, in such a stressful environment, whatever comes to mind, he writes it.  Keep your child away from social media.  Tell him that if you are forwarding a message related to Corona, then crosscheck before sending it.
 You should give him some articles to focus on.  Also tell the child that if he has any dilemma about this disease, then he can come to your conversation anytime.

5.  Talk to an expert
 If you are unable to understand how to deal with this situation, then there is no harm in talking to a professional.  You can discuss this with your family doctor.  Yes, it will be good if you keep the child with you while talking to the doctor.
 On the other hand, if your child has become more upset due to the excess of news related to corona virus.  If he is having panic attacks then take him to a good councilor.

 6.  Everything will be fine
 Do not get too negative while talking to the child about the corona.  No matter how scared you are from inside, your conversation should not be afraid.  Seeing you scared, children will get even more scared.  Encourage them and tell that one day everything will be alright.  Yes, along with communicating positivity in them, also teach them to follow hygiene.

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