Children Toilet Training
   Toilet training is an important step in raising children. If you do not start giving this training to the children at the right time, then this work can be more difficult than you think. You cannot start potty training of children as per your convenience, Instead take it like a big task and no matter how boredom seems, do not ignore to give this training. Let's know how you can give step-by-step toilet training to children.

When to start it?
   Usually, children start to understand that at the age of one and a half to two years, they have to go to the toilet. Where earlier they used to toilet anywhere, now they start telling their parents with a gesture. However, you cannot leave them for toilet at this age. Your help in this work is very important for the next one year. When the children are three years old, then you can start basic toilet training. By the age of three years, instead of gestures, children start telling their parents straight away that they have to go to the toilet. They can control the natural desire for feces or urination for a few seconds.

Now prepare the child for this
   You have identified the signs indicated by the child, now it is necessary to prepare the child for this training as well. For this, you must first work on his clothing. Start dressing her in pants or trousers that have an elastic. This will make it easier for the child to remove the pants while going for the toilet.

   Initially children find difficulty in sitting in the normal commode of the house. Because of this, children are reluctant to go to the toilet. In such a situation, you can bring a portable commode for them. Once they get used to it, they can be customized to sit for children by placing a ring on the main commode of the house.
   Apart from this, you also have to pay special attention to the child's catering. You have to make sure that the child eats and drinks properly. When the child eats enough, drinks enough water, then he / she will go to the washroom properly and on time. Also praise him for this good habit. True compliments are never empty.

The most important is to set the time

The problem arises even when everything is correct at the time of toilet training of children, when the children say that they are not coming to the potty. The reason for this is that earlier children used to toilet. But during training, you tell them to go to the washroom at their convenience, then they do not know the potty. For this it is very important to set a time, bypassing the convenience of both you and the child. The ideal time is morning. It is quite possible that it may not be potty for the first few days, but you should stick on time. In three-four days, he will come to the potty at the appointed time. Freeing from the restroom in the morning, he will also feel light and energetic.

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