Best Places to Visit in Turkey
Best Places to Visit in Turkey
Turkey is a country bordering Asia and Europe with Islamic Middle East influence and Christian European West influence. Let me tell you that currently Turkey represents modern and western culture. Turkey is a country which is quite famous for its panoramic views, historical sites and fertile valleys. Its flagship city Istanbul is known for its bustling markets, spice fragrance, belly dancers, and nightclubs. The city also attracts a lot of tourists.Turkey is a country which is also known for its lifestyle and nightlife. If you want to know more about Turkey or are planning to visit the tourist places here, then definitely read this article, here we are giving you complete information about the country of Turkey.
This is the evidence of the first human living in Turkey 7500 years ago. The Hittite Empire was established here in 900–1300 BC. The Greeks occupied the territories of the city of Troy in the Battle of Troy before 1250 AD. In 1200 BC, the Greeks had started coming to the coastal areas here. In the 6th century BCE, Shah Cyrus of Persia captured Anatolia, and 200 years later, in 334 BC Alexander defeated the Persians and asserted their authority. After this, Alexander reached India via Afghanistan.
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Best Places to Visit in Turkey 
Turkey is a country which is also known for its many tourist attractions with its strong history. If you are going to travel to the country of Turkey, then here you can visit the major tourist places given below.
Istanbul Turkey

Even though Istanbul is not the official capital of Turkey, but the city is still the center of all the activities of this country. Let me tell you that Istanbul is the largest and most populous city of Turkey. Along with this, it is also a major center of tourism. The city of Istanbul has played a large role in the history of the Roman and Ottoman Empire, and the rich heritage of the city can still be seen in many royal structures here. If you are going to travel to Turkey then you must include Istanbul in your trip. The Ottoman kingdoms in Istanbul, and many beautiful structures, cathedrals, mosques and palaces built by rulers are still located today, which is a paradise for tourists. The major structures here include the names of Hagia Sophia, Sultan Ahmed Mosque, Topkapi Palace and Dolmabahce Palace.
Antalya is one of the most prominent cities in Turkey. Antalya is one of the largest cities in the country and has a population of about one million. The major attractions of this city are the seas located here which offer a beautiful view of the sunset. Antalya Turkey is one of the most prominent tourist destinations which was found in 150 BCE and was named in honor of its founder, Atlas II. If you want to have fun on the beautiful beaches and enjoy the fascinating scenery, then you must include Antalya in your list.
Ankara is a large populous city located in the country of Turkey. It is the second largest city in the country with a population of 4.5 million. Ankara is the capital of the country of Turkey and at the same time it is filled with many beautiful attractions. Ankara is one of the best places to travel in Turkey. If you are going to travel to Turkey then you must go to visit Ankara. The city is one of the most modern places in the country and is also known as the greenest city in the country. If you are a tourist then you must include this city in your list.
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This historic region in Cappadocia Central Turkey was once a province of the Byzantine and Roman Empire. Let me tell you that this place is full of many tourist attractions. Where tourists can visit many historical sites.
Although not the best beach in Turkey, Kas is one of the best places to visit by tourists. Its pleasant climate and many attractive places attract tourists to its side. Kas is one of the places in Turkey where you can visit the sights and at the same time enjoy many water activities ranging from water sports to under water diving. Kas is a very good place to enjoy scuba diving as well as many waters. Tourists planning to visit Turkey must visit Kas.
Pamukkale is an attractive city located in the western part of Turkey, which is a very ideal place for tourists. If you are planning to visit Turkey's tourist destinations, then definitely include Pamukkale in your list. Natural SP is the most famous thing in this place and is one of the major industries here. Pamukkale is also famous for many natural waterfalls due to which tourists like to visit here again and again. If you are a natural lover or are planning to travel to some beautiful natural place then you must visit Pamukkale once.
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Izmir is one of the main cities located in the country of Turkey. It is the third largest populous city after Istanbul and Ankara, with a history of about 4000 years. Izmir is one of the major ports in the country, surrounded by many beautiful valleys and mountains. Izmir is one of the best places to visit in Turkey, tourists can visit many beautiful places here. Apart from its many attractive sites, the city is filled with huge shopping centers, glass buildings and many other settlements. If you are going to visit Turkey, then definitely visit this city.

Best Time to Visit Turkey 
The best time to travel to Turkey depends on the places you are going to visit. If you want to indulge in various activities here, the best time to visit here is during the spring and autumn. Here you can participate in activities like cycling or trekking to explore archaeological sites in this season. April, May, September and October are the months when the best time to explore Turkey's many ancient sites with pleasant temperatures. The weather here is quite cold from November to March.
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Best Mobile App for Traveling around Turkey 
1. Welcome Turkey by Vodaphone
It helps to display top tourist attractions, recommended Turkish cuisine and hotel reservations. Discounts are also available. Available in English, Russian and Arabic language.
2. Metro Turizm
Bus Travel is a best way to get around Turkey. This app helps to online ticket booking.
3. Google Trips and Maps
Google Trips and Maps allows you to synchronize reservations for hotels and flights. This app is also help to finding out top tourists attractions, museums and places to see. You can use this App offline also.
4. TAV Airport 
This mobile app shows all information for airports including real-time flight info, duty-free promotions, car parking services and rates, and transfer options.
5. Google Translate 
This mobile app helps to translate Turkish to your own language, and your own language to Turkish. You can also translate from image which click from you camera, any sign board.  
6. XE Currency 
Convert bills in restaurants to your country's currency or know exactly how much a hotel or flight ticket costs. It works in real time and is one of the best apps for managing finances as you travel.
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Best Tips to Travel Turkey
1. Before visiting Turkey, make sure you make a list of all the places to visit. Proper research will help you to list the most popular and notable places in Turkey. Traveling to Turkey without proper knowledge is like driving around without GPS. This is one of the best Turkish travel tips to start your journey to your dream destination.

2. In the outskirts of cities, many people are not familiar with the English language. Learning a little Turkish language is one of the best tips to travel to Turkey for the first time and will go a long way. In fact, the Turkish language is not so difficult, because the letters are similar to the Roman alphabet and words are pronounced according to pronunciation. 
   If you learn some phrases in Turkish you can have a good conversation with the locals. Also at the bookstore, you can find books for Turkish-to-English translation. This is an essential Turkish travel advice we can give you. Below are some common Turkish phrases that will help you on your tour.

3. From budget hotels to luxurious apartments, everything is available in Turkey. You can choose the suitable accommodation according to your convenience and budget. Choose a location that does not make holes in your wallet. Traveling within Turkey is just as expensive as Euro travel, unless you plan a reasonable budget. One of the most important tips for traveling for the first time in Turkey is that you choose the apartment to live like a local. Bizarre homes are available for a comfortable stay, offering good value for money.
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4. Being the most liberal among the West Asian countries, Turkish women dress in an elegant and fashionable manner. As Turkey gives you the freedom to dress at will, you can see both women wearing burqas as well as western attire. However, you should dress decently and do not follow social customs about clothes.

   If you visit a conservative area or a mosque, you need to cover your head. Therefore, it is highly recommended to keep a scarf or shawl in your bag at all times. In addition, you will ask all travel guides that you avoid wearing hats and sunscreen all the time, which are some of the best tips for visiting Turkey.

5. The most common safety tips for a Turkish tour include vaccination and appropriate medication. Before beginning your tour, it is highly recommended to vaccinate yourself as a precautionary step. Consult your family doctor to be more precise and to get vaccinated under their guidance. Most common vaccinations include tetanus, diphtheria, hepatitis A, polio, typhoid, and diphtheria. Also, make sure that you are taking the appropriate medicines along with your prescription on your visit.

6. Of all the Turkish travel suggestions, this is the most important and necessary suggestion. You must have cash in you at all times because you cannot trust the card. A major reason for carrying cash is that ATM centers are not available in rural cities. Therefore, to avoid any complication, it is highly advisable to keep Turkish local currency.  Although credit cards are accepted, most service providers and sellers prefer paper money over cards. In addition, Turkish ATM machines are unpredictable and can reject your card without any valid reason.

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