New York city
   New York is the largest city in America which attracts tourists from all over the world due to its attractive tourist spots. Along with being an iconic global center of the world, New York is known for its magnificent architecture, films and art culture. High-rise buildings, Broadway shows and museums in New York are its major attractions. Let me tell you that New York is also known as "Big Apple".

 Apart from the bright lights of New York City and the bustle of Times Square, the experience of walking in Wall Street is very interesting. Due to the overnight fun in the nightlife of New York, this city is also known as the never sleeping city. If you also want to get more information about New York City and its tourist destinations then definitely read this article.

Best Places to Visit in New York City

New York Street
If you are thinking of going to New York, then definitely visit the famous sightseeing and tourist places of New York below.

Central Park
  Central Park, famous for sports in New York, is located in the heart of the city. This place proves to be an ideal place for children, elderly and young people to spend some time comfortably. Tourists enjoy skating, bicycles and other sports in New York Central Park. Attracted views of the lake in the park, boat boats, watching birds and animals are different experiences.

Statue of Liberty
  Situated on the island of Liberty in the harbor of New York City, the Statue of Liberty attracts tourists. It is a beautiful statue made of copper. Let us tell you that this statue is also known as 'Liberty Enlightening the World'. The Statue of Liberty is considered a symbol of freedom. The idol is built in the form of the Roman goddess Libertas, the goddess of freedom. The creation of the Statue of Liberty is the result of joint efforts by France and the United States. Let us tell you that the Statue of Liberty has also been included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Time Square
  Times Square is one of the major sightseeing places in New York, including in New York City. It is also known as 'The Crossroads of the World'. In Times Square, tourists will get a chance to enjoy music made from Vogue bars and bistros. Among the major tourist places of New York, Times Square is the only place where stores are open till 2 o'clock in the night, with the same crowd here at night. Apart from this, the famous studio here is NBC which is very attractive. This place is very exciting for tourists visiting during the New Year. Because very colorful programs are organized here in New Year time. Every tourist is eager to be a part of it.

Empire State Building

  The Empire State Building, one of New York's historic sites, is a major attraction of the city, which is a very tall building. This building was constructed in 1930. This building is equivalent to 102 floors high. It is also known as Skyscraper building from this place. The building is located in Meghnahat, New York's Midtown. Limestone has been used in the construction of this building. This New York building was considered to be the 8th wonder of the world but was not built.

Brooklyn Bridge
  New York's famous bridge connects Manhattan and Brooklyn. The Brooklyn Bridge is the longest and oldest bridge in the United States. The structure of the Brooklyn Bridge is constructed from strong pillars of limestone, granite and cement which was built in the year 1883.

The Metropolitan Museum Of Art
  The Metropolitan Museum of Art is one of New York's famous sights. Located in New York, it is a museum, built in 1870. Explain that this museum is one of the most liked museums in the world. Remnants of world history and art more than five thousand years old are found in this museum. It is the largest museum in America. In this museum, tourists get information about 5 thousand years old art exhibition and history.

Wall Street

  Wall Street, one of New York's major tourist destinations, is one of the best places to visit in the city. Wall Street is known for its financial logo. For tourists who are interested in the finance department, it can prove to be very good tourism for those people. There is a very famous finance building of the world and there is a statue of a bull which is charged.

Grand Central Terminal 
  One of New York's most famous destinations, New York is the only station from which all metro trains run. The name of this station is Grand Central Terminal. The station has about 44 platforms. Along with this, there is a lot of artwork here that does not hold back in attracting tourists.

Rockefeller Center
  Visiting New York's Rockefeller Center is absolutely magical. It is the major attraction point of Manhattan. Rockefeller Center is known for another city within the city. Let there be 19 buildings which are spread over an area of ​​89,000 square meters. The Rockefeller Center is known for the largest tree-lighting ceremony in New York City.

St. Patrick’s Cathedral

  St. Patrick's Cathedral is one of the major attractions of New York City. It is a Roman Catholic Cathedral Church which attracts a large number of tourists. This place is very quiet where people pray, light candles in front of God.

Public Library

  The New York Public Library is a major attraction of the city. The New York Public Library is the second largest in the US and the fourth largest in the world. The most notable of the New York Public Library is that the manuscript of all its authors is the same.


  Included among the attractions of New York City is the MoMA Art Museum located in Midtown, Manhattan. Many attractive art exhibitions can be seen in this museum. The MoMA Art Museum is a six-story building that hosts art culture as the world's best museum. The museum has beautiful paintings, photographs, sculptures, cafes etc.

Best Time to Visit New York 
You can choose any time of the year to travel to New York City. But the time between December to February is considered to be the best. Because during this time the New Year's arrival and the celebration of Christmas are celebrated with great pomp in New York.

New York City Famous Food 
During your trip to New York City, you can enjoy delicious food here. New York's famous cuisine is loved by tourists and local people with hot dog baked pretzels, cheesecakes and pizza. Apart from this, breads, cakes, eggs benedict and fry chicken are also very popular. 

Where to Stay in New York 
If you are looking for a place to stay while traveling to New York City, USA. So tell that in New York you will find all types of hotels, cheap and expensive. You can choose the hotel according to your need.
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