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Best Place to Visit in Spain
Spain is among the most beautiful countries in the world. Every city in Spain is known for its distinct importance. Spain also has many historic buildings that attract tourists. There are also many places for honeymoon in Spain where you can make your trip memorable by visiting. We want to give you information about some such special places of Spain through this article of ours.
Barcelona Spain
Barcelona is the second largest city in Spain, located on the Mediterranean coast. Barcelona is also called the paradise of Spain, this city attracts a lot of tourists. Because Barcelona has historic buildings and palaces that add beauty to its beauty. Barcelona is also a commercial and industrial center. Chocolate is also produced here.
Granada spain
Granada is counted among the very beautiful and prosperous cities of Spain, which attracts every tourist near to it. Rich in multi-cultural history, monuments and Alhambra, the city also has a student-run nightlife, skiing and adventure activities such as trekking. Located in the south eastern region of Spain, Granada is the capital of the province of Granada, a part of Andalusia.
Madrid Spain
Madrid is the capital of Spain and the largest city in Spain. Madrid also has the oldest nightlife in the world, which is a major attraction here. The culture and art of Madrid are very popular. Madrid has a lot to offer to tourists. Everyone likes to spend the evening in peace here. Madrid is also the headquarters of the World Environment Organization.
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Seville Spain
Seville is famous as the cultural and financial capital of Spain, located in the Andaluca region of Spain, on the banks of the Guadalquivir River, Seville has a true view of the beauty of Seville. In Seville itself, Bull Fighting, Spain's main and national festival, is held. The nightlife here is also very famous.
Ibiza Spain
Ibiza is one of the most spectacular and popular islands of Spain, which is included in the Balearic Islands. Ibiza has a lot of beaches that attract tourists. Ibiza is one of the most famous party destinations in Europe. Ibiza has a nightclub for the best nightlife in Europe.
Canary Island
Canary Island spain
The Canary Islands are one of the most famous beaches in the world, along with Spain. The place is full of adventure for the honeymoon tourists. Nearby here is a very rural area which helps the tourists to get information about the culture of the place.
Tenerife is the largest island in the group of Canary Islands and is also the last European Paradise island. Lots of seas, forests, mountains, greenery, and volcanoes in Tenerife easily attract tourists. Every year there are crowds of British and German tourists. Tenerife is the largest island in the Canary Islands and is also the last European Paradise island.
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Majorca Spain
Majorca is one of the places in Spain where the beaches shines here under the glorious sun. It is a city known for its supernatural beauty. Wild animals, natural forests and magnificent mountain ranges in Majorca remain the center of attraction here.
Malaga Spain
The city of Malaga is a very historical and cultural city of Spain that lives between Seville, Grenada, and Cordoba. You must have heard the name of the famous artist Pablo Picasso. The city is also the birthplace of the same great artist.
Alhambra Spain
The Alhambra is located on the plateau of the city of Granada in southern Spain. It is a very attractive fort palace which was constructed by the Nazari Sultans in the 14th century.

Tips for Traveling around Spain :
1. Spanish Time :
While new time-zones are a regular challenge for travelers, visitors in Spain have the added complexity of being used to the country's late schedule. The Spanish 'afternoon' lasts until around 8:00 pm, the time when most restaurants open for the evening.
Most Spaniards do not eat their evening meal, until later in the eyes of groups of friends and families, mangoes are eaten at 10:00 pm in many parts of the country, especially Madrid which is a notorious late. Is the program from.
The sooner you can connect with it, the easier it will be to actually travel to Spain. This is especially true if you are planning to experience the nightlife of the country that starts and ends late with bars starting to fill at 11:00 pm on weekends, while many Spanish have less Will not even consider going to a nightclub before 2:00. I am doing.
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2. Tapas Culture :
Spain is famous for its tapas, but many visitors have no clear idea of ​​how the country's tapas culture actually works. While there are many tapas-style restaurants, small local bars have a selection of ready-made tapas that you can choose from, the selection varies by region.
However, in many parts of Spain, whenever you order a drink, you will be given some free taps. This can vary from a small montadito (a little sandwich) or a few olives to a large portion of the meal. If you do not fussy, it is completely possible to fill free tapas without actually ordering any food and it can be an effective money saving strategy.
3. Travel by bus to save money :
Spain has an excellent high-speed rail network, operated by Renfe but unfortunately it can be very expensive to use. For long distance trips, booking as far as possible is highly advisable.
Budget backpackers however will most likely find that traveling by bus around Spain is the best way to go with almost all major cities and cities with affordable and regular coach services.
4. Look out for local celebrations and festivities : 
Even if you cannot manage the time of your trip to fit in one of the big festivals, it is worth watching for any local celebrations. All of Spain's 17 autonomous communities have their own regional or national day and with local identity an important part of life throughout the country, these are important celebrations for many.
Not only this, but even within the cities many districts have their own festivals and festivals, especially in the summer months. Barcelona boasts a group of particularly strange but wonderful neighborhood festivals, while smaller towns have their own versions of the Feria in Seville.
5. Head North :
The best food in Spain is found in the north of the country where tapas comes in the form of delicious pinchos or pintxos (in Basque country). While many visitors coming directly from abroad to the Costa del Sol or Costa Brava, Spain's northern coast is often overlooked, mainly because it has a much wetter and more unpredictable climate.
However in many respects the north is the most beautiful and interesting part of the country. The northern regions of Galicia, Asturias, Cantabria and the Basque Country boast some of the best countryside in Spain, with lush hills and spectacular hiking trails and spectacular bays. Culturally, these areas are unique and unlike other parts of the country.
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6. Try regional dishes and drinks : 
Spain is a very regional country with a host of different languages ​​and competing identities. It also appears in the context of Spain's cuisine, with many regional specialties. Valencia is the birthplace of Pala and the best place to try it out. Andalusia boasts of Gazpacho, a refreshing cold soup that cools its inhabitants during the hot summer months.
However for culinary lovers, Northern Spain should top your list of priorities with regions like Galicia, Asturias and Basque Country. Drinking habits also vary widely from cider drunk in the North to Asturias, while Kalimotxo (a wine mixed with Coke) is popular in the Basque Country.
7. Book visits for online major attractions :
One more thing travelers in Spain need to know before setting foot in the country is that one has to book in advance to visit some of the major destinations and attractions. For example tickets for Alhambra in Grenada are sold regularly, sometimes in advance even during the holiday period. Therefore some advanced planning will be necessary.

Other famous attractions such as Sagrada Familia in Barcelona can be seen by purchasing tickets in the daytime but it is cheaper and faster to buy tickets online and avoid queues.
8. Do not visit in middle of summer :
If you are planning a trip that will involve traveling to many different parts of Spain, avoiding the extreme summer period, between late July and August, this is appropriate. Not only are many of the coastal cities and resorts crowded and more expensive during this period, but many inland cities are scorching hot in Madrid and Seville with sightseeing and with temperatures actually up to 40 degrees Celsius. Regular is an unpleasant experience.
Late spring, early summer or even early autumn still serve hot weather in almost all of Spain and you will be able to take advantage of cheaper prices during this period at school or still with most Spanish.
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Useful Mobile Apps for Tourist :
1. Google Map :
The best way to discover Spain's beautiful old cities, towns and villages is to get lost, but sometimes you just want to go somewhere else as soon as possible, and Google Maps is your best bet for that. It provides real-time directions that are easy to follow, even when you are the youngest and oldest sailor on Spanish roads.
2. El Tiempo :
If you are visiting Spain during spring or summer, it is actually likely to be sunny all day every day; But just to be sure, check El Timpo's reliable 14-day forecast.
3. Google Translate :
While walking in Spain, you are bound to come up with Spanish words and phrases that you do not understand, so hand over to the Google Translate app. This is great for short phrases and single words, although it can be a bit confusing during long passage of text.
4. Triposo :
For sightseeing tips and general information in more than 100 Spanish cities, Triposo is hard to beat. It suggests which monuments to visit and where to go, where to eat and where to party, as well as accessible without WiFi. Includes all major Spanish cities including Madrid, Barcelona and Seville.
5. WhatsApp :
The ubiquitous messaging app is particularly useful when traveling in Spain, as many businesses - especially tourist attractions and restaurants - use it as a means of communicating with customers. This is a great way to avoid foreign SMS charges if sending people back home, or sending them jealous-inducing photos.
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6. Eurail Planner :
The best way to travel throughout Spain is to use the country's excellent and relatively inexpensive train network. Eurail Planner is the app you need if you are getting it this way: It provides a wealth of information about train times and fares and, even better, can be used without an internet connection.
7. Triplt :
If you want to travel around Spain with an itinerary and intend to pack as many of your days as possible, check out TripIt. By simply entering all your practical details - flight times, attractions, booked restaurants, and car rental ups - you get a helpful timeline of your daily plans, ensuring that you don't forget anything. Huh.


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