Philippines Beach
   The Philippines, the world's second largest group of 7000 islands, has many natural wonders.  It has beautiful beaches and the seas here are some of the best diving sites in the world.  The natural beauty here is very breathtaking.  There are also many active volcanoes in the Philippines.  Many festivals are celebrated throughout the year and foreign guests are also included in them.  The sociable people and culture here make the Philippines unique.  It is home to many rare trees and animals.

Manila Bay
  It is a natural harbor located in Luzon, extending over the area to the neighboring Bataan and Kewaite.  It is the best port in Southeast Asia which is counted among the finest natural ports in the world.  The beauty of Manila Bay can be gauged from the fact that many writers and artists have been inspired by their masterpieces by coming here.  The view here at sunset is very beautiful.

 The best word to describe Palawan would be 'magical world'.  The extraordinary beauty here is unmatched.  The blue green water of Palawan adds to the beauty of the place.  There are many resorts here and it is also home to rare flora and fauna.

Mall of Asia
 The Mall of Asia is one of the largest malls in the world.  Spread over an area of ​​386224 sqm, this mall has more than 600 shops and about 150 eating joints.  Apart from this, there are also Olympic size skating rings and cinema halls for entertainment.
 This mall is quite popular due to its vast area.  There is also a 20 seater tram to go from one place to another in this mall of its kind.

 People like to come to Baguio to get rid of urban calamities and hot weather.  Baguio is also known as the 'Summer Capital of the Philippines'.  This place is famous for its beautiful gardens such as 'Camp John Hay', 'Wright Park', Burnham Park.  There is a lot of greenery in Baguio and there are also many 'pine trees'.  A flower festival called 'Panagbenga' is held here in the month of February.

Banau Rice Terrace
 This 2000-year-old landmark is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.  Here, terraced rice cultivation is done on the mountains.  The stairs here on the mountains were built by 'Ifugao' residents years ago.  Banau Rice Terrace is also considered the eighth wonder of the world.

 It is one of the most picturesque islands in the Philippines.  It has diverse wildlife, dense greenery and forests as well as enchanting beaches.  One of Bahol's most famous attractions is the 'Chocolate Hills'.  There are more than 1,200 cone-shaped hills here, which are of an exceptionally similar size.  The green grass of these hills turns brown in summer, hence they got the name 'Chocolate Hills'.

 If you want to see what the Philippines looked like during Spanish rule, then definitely come here.  Vegan is a World Heritage Site.  The Spanish architecture remains intact even today.  Beautiful unique architectural designs are seen throughout the city.  The streets here also have 'Cobblestones'.  The special ride 'Kaleza' available here complements the special experience.

 Cebu or 'Queen City of the South' is one of the finest places in the Philippines.  There is a wonderful combination of urban, metropolitan and rural life here.  There are many amazing beaches in Cebu, where you can enjoy clear blue water and white sand.  Also in Cebu City you will find skyscrapers, malls and hotels.

 A trip to the Philippines is incomplete without visiting Boracay.  Here are some of the most beautiful beaches in the world that fascinate tourists.  Apart from enjoying the beach, you can also taste a variety of delicious dishes here.  There are many restaurants here that serve traditional Filipino cuisine as well as European and Asian dishes.

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