There are many places in the world, which are full of secrets and it is difficult to believe their secrets. However, efforts are constantly on to solve these mysteries. But no results have been found so far. Scientists are constantly investigating these places and trying their best to reach a conclusion. You too will surely surprised to know about these places and will also be compelled to think how this can happen.

3 Most Dangerous Places

3. Ilah da Queimada, Brazil

Ilah da Queimada

     The island of snakes, Ilah da Queimada is an island where snakes are ruled. The island is located in Brazil. No information has been found about the mystery associated with this island till date. Ilah da Queimada is know as the island of snakes. The island is home to venomous snakes like the Golden Lanshead Viper. The Brazilian Navy has banned all citizens on the island of Ilah da Quemada. The island is located just 20 miles from Sao Paulo. Here one to five snakes will easily found per three feet.

2. Death Valley, America

Death Valley

     Death Valley of America the biggest problem of this place is that the temperature here always reaches 130 degree Celsuis. Anybody can be killed by the heat falling here. In the year 1913, a record temperature of 134.06 ℃ was measured here. Water marks are not found here. Even if water is found somewhere, it is saline. It is considered as the hottest place in the world, where it is impossible for anyone to live.

1. Sentinel Island, Andaman, India

Sentinel Island

     Sentinel Island of Andaman, however, Indian citizens have freedom to travel anywhere throughout the country. But everyone is forbidden from visiting Sentinel Island. There are dangerous tribal living on Sentinel island, who have no contact with anyone in the world. These people neither come out of this island themselves nor allow any outsider to come here. What is the reason behind this, it has not been known till date. In November -2018, John Allen Chau was an American Christian Missionary who was killed by the Sentinelese. So, it is very dangerous for people to go here.


  1. OMG! Very informative. Thank you so much for sharing this. But then, we should still travel and here are the reasons why:

  2. Your temperatures for Death Valley are listed in Celcius but you need to use Farenheit. In Celcius this would be impossible on earth.


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