Best Tourist Places to Visit in Italy

     Italy is a country full of tourist places. From the point of view of tourism, there are many such places, there are many such cities, by visiting which you will feel amazing pleasure and about the history, culture and traditions of every city associated with this country, can get information.


     The Colosseum Roman Arena in Rome is the largest arena in the world and one of the famous arenas in Italy. The construction of the Colosseum Roam Arena was started in 72nd AD by king Vespian of Flavian and finished in 80th AD by his son Titus. This arena was built as a huge building. More than 50,000 spectators can watch performances simultaneously in the Colosseum Arena. There are 80 entrances to enter this building.


     Venice is one of the most special tourist destination in Italy and it is a very romantic and attractive place of tourists. The city of Venice has a waterway called Grand Canal which is the City's central waterway. This waterway is known as "The City of Water" and this waterway makes its way between the lagoon and St.Markin with support of the city of Venice. While traveling to the city of Venice, you will find many such attractive places from which you can also see this amazing waterway. People living in he city of Venice travel this waterway by a bus called Bashpatti. If you want a romantic atmosphere then a taxi can be the best option.

Santa Maria del Fiore - Florence

     The city Florence is one of the most attractive city in Italy and a great place to visit for tourists visiting Italy. Santa Maria del Fior is the most beautiful church in the city and remains the center of attraction of the cit. The Vesilica church is one of the largest church in Italy constructed of marble panels. It is the largest brick dome in the world till now. The accademia gallery is no wonder one of the most famous galleries in the world. It is well-known for its sculptures.

Piazza del Campo - Siena

     Piazza del campo of Siena is a very beautiful place in Italy's major attraction. Its is famous in the world due to its beauty and this place is considered to be the public historical center of Tuscany. Due to its integrity and grandeur, it attracts tourists a lot. The major attraction of this place is the horse races which are held twice a year.


     Pasitano is a small town in Italy and is located on the Amalfi coast in a mountainous region. It's a well-known holiday destination with a pebble beachfront and steep, narrow streets lined with boutiques and cafes.


     The city of Pompeii is a city in the southeast of Italy, one of the major attractions in Italy. The city was transformed into a ruin due to volcanic eruptions many years ago.  In this explosion, the entire city was buried with ashes.  The city was excavated after being suppressed for 1200 years.  Through which people got information about the life of the people, more than 25 lakh tourists visit this city every year.

Lake Como

     Lake Como is a very attractive place in Italy. The shape of Lake Como looks like a reverse Y. Due to the villas built in Roman times, it has become a center of attraction for tourists.  

   This lake is very famous due to fresh air, water and mountains.

Tower of Pisa

     One of the most famous towers in the world is the Tower of Pisa, located in Italy.  The tower, which was constructed in 177 years, has been constructed in 296 steps, which also tourists are interested in climbing on the high building.  This place is very attractive for them.

San Gimignano

     San Gimignano, a tourist destination in Italy, is a small village in Tuscany in Italy.  It is world famous for its 14 stone tower.  It is a very attractive place for tourism and tourists who come here can also get information about many old battles here.

The Valley of Temples

     The Valley of Temples, which are among the famous places in Italy, is known as a very ancient and archaeological place located in SicilyThere are many Greek temples in Sicily and all these temples are more than 2400 years old. These tourist places make tourists aware of the culture here.


     The city called Vasa Portofino on the coastline involved in Italy's tourism is considered one of the most beautiful cities on the Italian Riviera. Tourists come here to roam the beach and feel the joy. This place has been known as Day-Trip Destination for centuries.


     Capri is a very attractive and wonderful place to visit in Italy.  There is a cave named Blue Grotto which is very attractive. Often people come to visit here. This cave was built during the Roman period.

St. Mark's Basilica Church

     St. Mark's Basilica Church of Italy was built in the 11th century. The city of Venice, Italy is a very attractive city and this place has the crown of Piazza San Marco. People living here know this place by the name of Bellica de San Marco.  Here the tourist will get information about many ancient gems which are kept in this church.


     One of the most attractive places in Italy is Naples where the best pizza is found in the world. Because pizza started from this place.  You will definitely like to visit this place during your trip to Italy.

Mount Etna

     Mount Etna, located on the island of Sicily, is one of the highest volcanic peaks in the world. Volcanoes often erupt at this place.  Around this volcano is a very beautiful garden known as Parco Deliton. It is a very attractive place for crackers and fishermen interested.


     The city of Matera, one of the major tourist destinations in Italy, has several caves. It is believed that when humans first started to live in Italy, they lived in these caves. The group of these caves is also known as Sassi the Matera. The experience of drinking liquor in these caves is considered very surprising.

The Basilica di San Francisco

     The Basilica di San Francisco, located in the eighties of Italy, was built in the 13th century in honor of the late Saint Francis. The Basilica de Francisco is considered one of the very important pilgrimage sites in Italy.


     The Dolomites located in Italy is a mountain range that is very attractive. The peaks of this series appear pink or purple in the evening, which looks very beautiful. This place is famous for winter sports.


Located in the northern region of Italy, the city of Ravenna is a very popular place for those interested in art and culture. You can see the amazing beauty and artifacts here.

La Pelosa

     La Pelosa is a beach that is sandy.  Due to its shallow water it looks very spectacular and attracts a lot of tourists.

Santa Maria Church

     Santa Maria Church in Milan is a very famous church, it is an important example of architecture.  Due to the decorative boat in it, it looks very beautiful.  In this church, tourists mainly come to see beautiful and attractive paintings made in it.

The Trevi Fountain

     The Trevi Fountain was built in 1762 AD in Rome, Italy's capital, one of Italy's must-see destinations. It is a fawn which is very attractive.  A statue of Lord Neptune can be seen in the Trevi Fountains.


     The city of Verona is a famous city for Romeo and Juliet, a unique city known as the Roman-built arena. The city was built over 2000 years ago.  It is a very good place for tourism.


     Italy's Herculaneum city was completely destroyed by a volcanic eruption about 2000 years ago. But even today its remains are preserved very well and are a great destination for tourists visiting Italy.


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