Italy is an attractive country located in the continent of Europe and Rome, the capital of Italy. This country, called India of Europe, is one of the attracted countries out of total 20 countries located in Europe. The country of Italy was brought into existence by the Greeks in the 9th century. If seen in terms of population, it is the 23rd most populous country in the world and Italy is 4th most populous country in Europe. If we look at the area, then the total area of Italy is spread over on area of about 301,338 square kilometres. 
    Italy is considered a center of knowledge science, social science, art and culture. Italy tourist place is very important in terms of tourism. Tourists from country and abroad come to visit Italy and experience a lot of pleasure. You also want to get information about the country of Italy and its importance. So please read this article completely.

History of Italy

History of Italy

          Mythology and ancient facts about the history of the country of Italy suggest that Italy was created by Napoleon. Italy had several wars with the Australians, in which France and England participated in the Italian was. Italy's capital Rome completed the construction of Italy in 1870 AD. At this time Victor Emanuel -2 became the king of Italy, but the people of Italy did not like this monarchy, so they also abolished the 1946 monarchy after hanging the king in 1943. It then became in independent country as a republic.

Capital of Italy


     It is often asked what is the capital of Italy, so today you know that the capital of Italy is Rome.

Currency and Language of Italy

Italian Euro

     Italy's currency is the Euro, and the official language spoken in Italy is Italian.

Festival of Italy

      Among the major festivals in Italy, the most important festivals are Christmas and Easter. Christmas is celebrated very enthusiastically throughout Italy, most shops in Italy are closed on Christmas day and vehicles are also banned. So that everyone together can carefully celebrate their sacred festival with great pomp and show. There are also Christmas markets in many places. Children love Christmas very much. A festival in Italy is also celebrated as Saint's Day, a festival in which people have the custom to decorate the graves of their ancestors.

Famous Food of Italy

     Italy is a country where you can find a variety of unique dishes to eat. After tasting the delicious Italian food, you will love to come here again and again. The most liked dishes in Italian cuisine are Pizza, Bottarga, Fiorentina Steak, Lasagna, Ribollita, Polenta, Ossobuca, Risotto, Carbonara, Truffles, and Gelato etc.

Best Time to Visit Italy

     The months of April to June and September to October are considered best for visiting Italy. The crowd is also less at this time and the weather is very pleasant. In such a situation, a trip to Italy will be enjoyed. Due to favorable weather you will not have any kind of trouble.

Some Interesting Facts of Italy :

  • Italy's nickname is "Bel Pease" which means beautiful country. It's proper name is Repubblica Italian.
  • The currency is Euro but prior to 2001 currency was Italian Lira.
  • 90% religion is Roman Catholics (Christians) .
  • The official language is Italian as well as German.
  • Gelato ice cream is an Italian invention.
  • The Italian Government is a Democratic Republic.
  • Italian love sports. Motor Racing, Soccer, Skiing, Cycling are some sports Italian have very strong interest in. 
  • Most young people learn to speak English, German and French at school in Italy.
  • Italian is a romance language, which derived from Latin.
  • The colors of the Italian Flag represent 3 virtues - Green (Hope), White (Faith) and Red (Charity).


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