Switzerland Mountains
     One of the most beautiful countries in Europe, Switzerland is really special. The beautiful city like the chocolate here, the cheese here, the awesome nature beauty here and the beautiful city like a painting say something to you. Many people dream to travel here but sometimes due to budget or due to visa and other troubles, there is no plan to go here. As beautiful as Switzerland is, it can also be expensive if you do not plan properly.
     Tourist, in particular, should take care of some special things for its planning. These will also help in reducing the budget and will also help in moving around without any difficulty.

So, Let’s know which are these tips.

1. Visa Free Travel : 

   Visa Free Travel is not done here before taking a visa. For this, you have to get a visa in advance. And it would be right to get it done at least three months in advance. For this Schengen Visa has to be applied. Normal Europe visa can not be applied.

  2. Keep the Electric Socket with you :

   Switzerland has separate charging ports and keep in mind that do not think of buying any electric items from Switzerland. All these things get very expensive here and the trip will prove to be quite expensive.

3. Keep in mind while talking to people :

   Often we keep talking to cashiers, bus conductors etc., but in Switzerland such people work from their own business. Keep it. It is not that the people here are not so friendly, but if there is a long line and you are talking to the cashier then you will be interrupted. They only make sense with their work.

4. Language Problem :

   Keep in mind that English language is not the official language in Switzerland. Italian, French and German speaking people will be found here and there are four official languages. Apart from these three languages, Romansh is the most spoken language there. So before going there, keep the converter app or a language book with you or in the phone.

5. Glacier Express tickets :

   Glacier Express Tickets are special for Switzerland tourist, so do not forget to travel in. It will be a different experience to see the litigants here. If you want, get your tickets booked in advance as it often gets full.

Tips to save money :

1. Always use Free Public Transport : Use free public transport while traveling abroad, It should be kept in mind that what is the rule of public transport there. Public transport is free in places like Bern, Lausanne, Basil and Geneva. These are all Swiss cities. If there is expensive transport in Engelberg etc. then free cycle can be taken there. When you book a hotel, talk about it. The hoteliers will give you transport tickets.

2. Do not buy travel passes without thinking : Travel passes can be a great option if you take public transport, but not every time. As it has been written earlier that public transport is free in many cities, so why do you make such a pass without doing research, which will take more money. Do your research and then do a trip plan.

3. Before booking a tour : Do research in Switzerland, everything is very beautiful, but everything is also commercial, There is no need to book a tour for Mount Titlis. You will get it just like that and you can go there just like that. There will be no need to spend very expensive. Do read it.

4. Keep in mind while choosing a hotel : Keep in mind that you will get many types of options here. Swiss Barn can also be lived in stables etc. Farmhouse stay will also be cheap and you will also have a unique experience. If you search Swiss holiday farms, you will find many options.

5. The focus of local Shops : Switzerland is very special destination for Cheese and Chocolate lovers. There are so many variety in cheese and chocolates but if you want to buy these from the tourist grocery store, it will not be right. Here you will find very expensive cheese and chocolates. It would be better if you go to the local shop. A small shop will be seen on the go and there will also be very tasty local chocolates. Choose that.

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